Things I Recommend for Your New Puppy


Things I Recommend for Your New Puppy

Things I Recommend for Your New Puppy


This is where the puppy stays at and goes potty until the puppy turns sixteen weeks old and is fully vaccinated. At that point you can start training your baby to go outside. 


These are useful when leaving the baby for a little while, they can stay in this and be safe from getting into anything that could harm them. The playpen is good for the same reason as well. Crates are also good if you decide you want to crate train the puppy. Dogs naturally don't want to use the restroom where they sleep. Using a crate for potty training teaches them to hold it for longer periods at a time, especially during the night until you let them out to go potty in the morning. Dogs in the wild sleep in small dens so this small space makes them feel comforted and safe NOT confined or unhappy.  

A Potty Box System

Your puppy is already accustomed to using this before going home and are about 80% accurate at relieving themselves on as well. It is made of heavy duty stainless steel grate covered in a non stick coating. Their is a tray underneath you can put paper pellets, pads or newspaper in for easy cleanup.

Kong Toys & Nylabone Chewes

My Veterinarian's Recommend these Chew Sticks & Toys. They say these are the safest on the market and the longest lasting.   

Also.... Bowls, Collar, Leash, Beds, Dog Shampoo, Brush, Urine Eliminator Ect