Purchasing Information


Purchasing Information

First, How Much Do Our puppies Cost?

Our puppies cost anywhere from $2,500 for Minis to $3,5000 for TeaCups depending on their size, eye color, and how rare/dark the coat color is such as Reds, Sables, Black & Rust's, Liver & Rusts, Blue's, Lilacs, Merles & Ticked Partis which are the rarest color on the market today.

Why do our puppies cost this price?

To us, it does not matter what other breeders have decided to charge. Whether there's is higher or lower than what we charge, our prices have nothing to do with competing with others. What I  can tell you is that $2,500 – $3,5000 is a pretty typical price range for a high-caliber puppy regardless of its breed. We offer some of the best quality puppies available today. AWhen people research purchasing a high-quality puppy from a breeder, they are often astounded to discover what quality breeders charge for a pet puppy. They think that the breeders must be making a generous income. However, what the public often fails to see or take into consideration is all the "overhead" or "behind the scene" costs involved in running a reputable breeding program. Our breeding program is not cheap for us to run because we do not believe in shortchanging our breeding poochies or their puppies to save costs. They receive the very best in everything, and as impressive as that is, it is also costly to upkeep.

The pay rates and annual salaries for dog breeder vary based on far too many factors to put on this page. How much a breeder charges for their puppies comes down to personal decisions based on how much they actually set back into their breeding program. Keep in mind, higher-priced puppies don't always mean the breeder is making a higher salary. Also, with more breeding dogs comes higher expenses, so again, more dogs do not always mean a higher wage either. Remember, a lot of money goes back into our dogs, especially since we are not short-changing them.

Here are a few expenses we have to take out of any puppy money we get. It's important to remember that these monthly bills don't stop just because we don't have puppies for sale during those few months in between litters.

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Beds
  • Crates
  • ​​Yearly exams
  • Microchip Fees
  • Puppy Pack Costs
  • Advertising Costs
  • Breeding Supplies
  • Cleaning Supplies ​
  • Breed verification testing
  • Water bills to wash, disinfect & sanatize everything 1-3 times a day
  • Website Managers & website fees
  • Hired Staff - ($12+ an hr)
  • Routine Vet Bills and Dental Cleanings
  • DNA testing on all dogs before being bred
  • Professional Photography / Props & Backdrops
  • Taxes at the end of each year (Averaging 30-40%)
  • Medications such as dewormers, vaccines, ear cleaners etc.
  • Grooming Supplies or grooming bills (clippers, wash tubs, dryers, shampoos/conditioners etc..)
  • Electric bills to heat or cool them year round(up to $400+ a month)
  • Office Supplies (such as ink and paper for all of our documents/paperwork)
  • 24 hr care for pups/moms (We don't just turn out the lights at 5 pm and call it a day, sometimes we are up till 5am delivering puppies)
  • We also do not leave our dogs unattended for 8 hrs a day to work another job)

And so much more I could not even fit it all on this page if I tried.

Also keep in mind that all these bills and expenses keep occurring whether we have puppies to sell or not.